Top 100 Reasons to File a Tax Extension

Stop searching for a reason to file a tax extension for yourself (or your business). There are a hundred reasons to request an extension and they’re listed right here for you. So if you need a reason to make yourself feel like less of a procrastinator, just use one of ours!

The good news is that you don’t need a reason to get an income tax extension. When you file for an extension, the IRS does not require you to provide a particular reason. Tax extensions are automatic ― and that’s listed as Reason #3 (in case you’re keeping track).

1. Filing a tax extension (Form 4868 for individuals, or Form 7004 for businesses) is easy.

2. If you get a tax extension, there’s less of a chance that you’ll be audited by the IRS.

3. Tax extensions are automatic and you don’t need a reason to get one ― the IRS doesn’t ask.

4. You bought or sold a house within the last year, making your life more complicated for tax purposes.

5. A tax extension gives you 6 more months to file your personal tax return.

6. More than two-thirds of U.S. taxpayers e-file their taxes these days, so why shouldn’t you e-file an extension request now and then e-file your taxes later?

7. Unemployment has made your life more complicated tax-wise and you’re not sure how your filing situation might change.

8. If you file a tax extension online, you can save that last stamp you have for Grandma’s birthday card.

9. Taxes are just too darn complicated to figure out by April.

10. There’s no penalty to filing a tax extension. But filing an extension can help you avoid certain IRS penalties.

11. This is your first time ever filing taxes.

12. You had a child last year and your tax situation is even more confusing now.

13. You just moved into a new home and you haven’t even had time to unpack yet.

14. First it was the holidays, and then came the Superbowl ― now it’s time for spring cleaning, and that comes before taxes.

15. Taxpayers who request a personal tax extension have their own special tax deadline in October.

16. You’re a business owner and you’ve been incredibly busy working to nurture and grow your company.

17. You like having options and a tax extension means you have the option to file later. You also don’t necessarily have to wait until October to file your return.

18. You secretly enjoy watching everyone else stress out while you relax during April.

19. You thought you could do your taxes without an accountant ― but boy, were you wrong!

20. It’s free to e-file a tax extension.

21. You’re going to use your CPA to file your taxes, but right now you can’t afford the rates.

22. Life is just too complicated these days and you can’t get all of the paperwork together in time.

23. You came down with a bad cold or the flu.

24. A foreclosure on your home has changed your tax situation.

25. You just became an American citizen, but you can’t even figure out where to begin with your taxes.

26. It’s good for the environment because when you e-file a tax extension, no papers or envelopes are needed.

27. You are a member of the U.S. Armed Forces and you have been deployed.

28. It’s easy to do and it takes only minutes online!

29. A dream vacation beckons ― the best fares for flights were during tax season and you don’t want to miss out on a great deal.

30. A divorce has made your life more complicated tax-wise.

31. There are just not enough hours in the day for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and taxes.

32. Your accountant told you to file a tax extension.

33. It’s snowing or raining, and staying in bed all day sounds like a much better idea than doing taxes.

34. Official IRS e-file providers (like get 98% acceptance rates.

35. You just flat-out hate doing your taxes.

36. Your dog ate your tax paperwork.

37. You’ve been audited and it’s time for revenge.

38. You tried getting support from your tax software company, but you couldn’t get any help.

39. You’re an entrepreneur and business taxes aren’t your specialty (and you don’t want them to be).

40. By using Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW), you can make a tax payment with your extension to the IRS.

41. You’re out of the country and you won’t return until after the April filing deadline.

42. It’s your busy season for sales.

43. Tax extensions are inexpensive, especially compared to the penalties and interest incurred if you fail to request an extension.

44. You got married last year and that has changed your tax situation.

45. The late filing penalties for partnerships can be very expensive.

46. Long story, but… what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

47. Your accountant hasn’t slept in a week because he’s been so busy with clients.

48. You’re a serial entrepreneur who has several LLCs for your rental properties.

49. You can’t afford to make a tax payment now, but you don’t want to compound the issue by not doing anything.

50. You’re missing a 1099 tax form.

51. Even if you expect a tax refund, your taxes need to be filed.

52. As long as you know your name and Social Security Number (SSN), you really can’t be rejected for a tax extension.

53. Avoid the long, annoying lines at the Post Office every tax season.

54. A death in the family has made life more complicated.

55. Millions of people file for tax extensions every year.

56. You have unresolved tax issues from previous years.

57. E-filing a tax extension means you get email confirmation from the IRS that your request has been approved.

58. You haven’t reconciled QuickBooks yet.

59. You moved and you haven’t received all of your tax documents in the mail yet.

60. Extending your business tax deadline means just one trip to the accountant.

61. Your business shuts down for March Madness.

62. You and your business partner just can’t find a time to meet.

63. You sold some stocks or other investments and that has altered your tax situation.

64. Even if your business didn’t make any money last year, you must request a tax extension if you want more time to file.

65. Filing a tax extension with FileLater is fast and your personal information is kept secure.

66. You started a new business and didn’t realize that you’re missing a lot of supporting documents.

67. Almost half of all businesses file for tax extensions, so why shouldn’t you?

68. You started a business this year and you have no idea where to begin in terms of business taxes.

69. It slipped your mind that the deadline for business taxes is in March (not April, like for personal income taxes).

70. You’re waiting for a K-1 tax form for your business return.

71. You can’t find your W-2 tax form.

72. You qualify for some federal tax credits or tax deductions, but you can’t find good information about how to apply them.

73. Your spouse is in the military and they’re the person who normally does your taxes.

74. Your accountant is going to charge you way too much for a tax extension when you can do it yourself.

75. Your car broke down and your CPA doesn’t make house calls.

76. You are out of the country for work.

77. Your doctor told you to avoid high-stress situations — so avoiding filing during busy April is better for your health.

78. You don’t have an accountant and you need more time to find one.

79. Your wife usually handles your taxes, but she’s not doing it this year.

80. You won the Lottery and you spent a lot of money this year. It’s going to be a while until your accountant finishes going through your receipts.

81. A tax extension can be e-filed directly to the IRS.

82. You bought a rental property within the last year, which has changed your tax situation.

83. Your spouse is in the process of getting their Social Security Number (SSN).

84. The lines at your local tax office are way too long.

85. You’re missing a 1099 tax form.

86. You got busted trying to do your taxes at work and you don’t want to risk getting fired.

87. You’d like to take advantage of new tax laws.

88. You want to wait until your accountant has more time and doesn’t have to rush.

89. Family obligations for Easter always get in the way of getting your taxes done.

90. Baseball season starts in early April and you need to concentrate on your fantasy team.

91. You file a tax extension online every year, so why stop now?

92. You were using tax preparation software, but it crashed and lost your data.

93. The Masters is on TV. There’s no time for taxes!

94. Your boss is making you work overtime, so you don’t have time to do anything but work right now.

95. Your birthday is in April ― you refuse to celebrate and do your taxes in the same month.

96. It’s way too nice outside today.

97. The IRS can wait!

98. Procrastination is your middle name.

99. You’re not alone ― more than 12 million people file for a tax extension each year.

100. You can’t start and finish your taxes in a single day.