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Protect Your Family with a Great Credit Score! Icredit 24/7 is here to give the “POWER” back to the CONSUMERS!!!

iCredit 24/7.com is your “One Stop Shop To Your Credit Fix” giving you ‘The Consumers’ of our economy up to date Credit information that will Help You: Remove Negative Information, Repair Your Credit Report with Step by Step Methods and Rebuild Your Credit Score. Our driving goal and passion is to help you get the best rates whether its mortgage interest, student Loans, or best credit cards on the market. So Consider our free credit methods as The How To and What To Do in a Credit Crisis”


Lets Get Started with Credit 101…What’s In YOUR CREDIT FILE. This page will give you an overall picture on how your credit file works and what makes up those infamous 3 numbers that can make or break you from getting a mortgage, a personal loan, a credit card and even a job.
Lets Move on to SIMPLE STEPS TO FIX YOUR CREDIT! Now if you already have a pretty good idea about Credit Files and what’s in them you can skip number one and get these simple but effective steps on fixing your credit.
Next You Need a Strategy that works on how to Add Positive Credit to Your Report in less than 30 days while you’re getting rid of the negative information. This is a must because once you have restored your credit not having anything on your report is just as bad as having negative information..
This is very Important so make sure you don’t skip this page you need to Always know the STATUE OF LIMITATIONS on your debt so you don’t get trapped paying for an old debt that by law must be removed in a certain time period.
Know the FIVE BIGGEST FACTORS that affect your credit score. Those factors and the percentage weights they carry in determining your score.
The Importance of Your Debt to Income Ratio. Debt to income ratio is a major factor for banks when evaluating a loan Your debt to income ratio is a pretty big factor in determining your credit score. The biggest factor is still whether you pay your bills on time, but your debt to income ratio or DTI as it’s commonly known, tells creditors if you can afford more to pay back more debt.
Why the Credit Unions can be your best friend when you need a second chance to rebuild your credit. We consider this the hidden jewel of the credit repair Industry because this is how many of us at ICREDIT 24/7.com built our credit from the ground up. We Hope that it will help you do the same.



 article-2079402-01368466000004B0-489_296x284TODAY IS THE DAY ! that you stop agonizing over all those credit card payments and derogatory items on your credit report.


article-2071029-05056785000005DC-430_634x411TODAY IS THE DAY ! that you finally said Enough is Enough and got Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired


administracic3b3n-de-deudasTODAY IS THE DAY ! when you finally realized that the struggles you have been going through have been blessings in disguise…

 TODAY IS THAT DAY !!!  YOU will look back with “IMMENSE GRATITUDE”, as this was YOUR DAY you finally decided to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR CREDIT and  Manage YOUR LIFE AND FINANCES.



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