Delete Inquiries

Deleting inquires

Whenever you make a request for a loan, inquiries are bound to appear on your credit report. The problem is not making a couple of inquires but making multiple inquires that can translate to desperation which will warn creditors of your dependence on credit. This should not worry you much because inquiries do not last long on your credit report. Counting from the date it was reported, such inquires should be deleted in two years. If an inquiry was made that you do not recognize, you have every right to dispute such inquiry.

Disputing this negative inquiry will include you writing a letter to the appropriate credit bureau stating that you know nothing about this inquiry appearing on your credit report. You should demand that they verify it in 30-45 days or remove it from your account at once. In addition to the dispute letter to be sent, make sure you send a copy of relevant documents that will affirm your claim. Include your social security number, driver’s license number, date of birth and your house address.

According to the law, inquiries made on home mortgage within 30 days are counted as one inquiry on your credit report. Any inquiry made after 30 days to 45 days on home mortgage is counted as one inquiry. Are you not glad that credit bureaus understand that you have to shop for mortgage loan that is suitable for you?

If there are other negative items you would like to remove from your report and you do not know how to go about it, you can hire a professional to help you deal with your credit report effectively or you can do-it-yourself. The do-it-yourself method requires that you have this restoration kit. Studying this restoration kit will help you through the process of credit repair and ensure that your credit report is in a better state than it is before.

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